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Sqwii is an excellent Swing trader which really have a good feeling for market and stock patterns. He is solid in his small cap picks and 3x ETFs...

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Join SqwiiTrader trading room to get the best results and best educational informations about how the stock markets works and when to buy and sell stocks, ETF's and overall market psychology"

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Jul 31

Market view for 1st of August 2014

What a day to end July with , with VIX seeing a large spike higher just as I expected this week.... All in all great if you held long UVXY ,, I believe...
Jul 30

Market view updated for 31th July 2014

Markets so far following the bearish aspect. For now I only target VIX around 16 , this is where my plan is to take off my UVXY.... but I think looking...
Jul 29

Market view for 30th July 2014

Markets went down and so far waiting for FED tomorrow, it looks like mkts could hold up into this event.... What I would like to see is..... 1. A bounce...