Sep 18

Diana Shipping about to sail away? DSX

To me the shipping industry looks especially good as this is one of the few sectors out there which has been “dead” money for some years…..

What is interesting in this industry is that most shippers starting to have better financials now – even with the very low rates on Baltic Dry index.

As BDI index might see a large move higher in the next years i’m seeing a very bullish chart on a larger cap shipping stock DSX.

Price is currently around 9-10 area and as long we hold above 9$ there is a very good chance DSX could see 20+ in the coming 6 months ahead.

So currently I think risk/reward ratio for a buy at current levels at 10$ level its a good buy as a long term hold. I believe DSX could see 20-22.

Chart speaks for itself, very bullish indeed, with China starting up QE , this could finally be trigger for the shipping stocks to sail away and upwards.

I’m very confident with this chart and I would be surprised if we saw a break below 9$ actually.


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