Dec 11

Japanese TOP and Yen bottom? GDX Yen and Nikkei

As I see it on charts now it looks very likely that we have seen these things:

1. Japanese Nikkei might just have topped out above 18.000 or very close to this level. We have nicely 5 waves up on Nikkei from the lows which might end a bull cycle in Nikkei

2. Furthermore Yen has had 5 waves down from the top with bullish monthly chart MACD divergence suggesting a long term bottom can be in Yen now. FXY (Yen) looks very bullish here longer term and might have formed a capitulation low. If this is the case be very careful on overall mkts going forward from now as a higher Yen usually means markets going lower.

3. Furthermore GDX and Gold has followed the move down since 2011 with Yen and looks also like have made longer term bottom at 1130$ ounce per gold. So far since November Gold is already above 1230$+ strongly and looks like new bull market started.


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