Jan 28

Market view for 29th January 2013

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  1. awa, January 29, 2013
    SQ I agree overall. Question is if we are a bit too early going short. http://stockcharts.com/members/analysis/20130128-1.html Based on above we might just grind higher for some weeks before correction actially really comes into play. Too much money is going into the stock market (positive) + If interest rates are moving up market might just see this a confirmation of better overall financial conditions (positive). Job numbers are IMO most likely positive what ever numbers. All this is short term and only working for maybe 2-3 weeks more. But it might puch TZA ect. further down before we ove up. Reply
    • Sqwii, January 29, 2013
      Too much money going into stock mkts is actually not a sign that mkts going higher , it is more a sign that markets are topping looking at statistics, as last time the inflows in mkts were this high (mkts topedi n 2007) that means people ALREADY IN THE MARKET (what to push it higher) then need even more inflow. Numbers and earnings have not affected markets a lot recently , so lets see ,, still believe short ETFs bottiming and we beginning of correction. Lets see what this week brings... :-) Reply

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