Feb 6

Natural gas – large rally underway

This is a long term view on natural gas prices. If i’m right we are about to see a major bottom in natural gas, it is as usual very hard to nail the exact low but if i’m right we could see a low here around 2.5-2.6 area (possible go a bit lower).

I’m seeing a very long term bullish pattern target 10$ in nat gas , I dont know what will be the reason for the rise, Russia? Conflict? Something else, but as always i’m a chartist and only look at charts.

So if i’m correct we are about to see a MAJOR LOW in Natural gas and a large rally to start soon for the coming years. The upside target is 10$ and if i’m wrong about this , one can put a stop loss at 2$ (the recent lows from 2012).

All in all – as I’ve said early 2014 I was looking for a correction/sell off when EVERYONE was bullish , now EVERYONE is literally bearish again where I see a large rally to come.


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