May 21

SAS Analysis Denmark

A lot of questions regarding the danish airline stock called SAS.

This is one of my few favourite longer term stocks in Denmark at current levels to go long on – and i’m probably also going to get some longs especially if it drops a bit further.

Either way the stock trades about 10DKK at the moment and the long term chart is still excellent for bulls.

Notice how we broke a very long term downtrend and since then been seeing a pullback.

Stock went from 4DKK to 22DKK without much of pullbacks , now we have seen a large correction and my only question is….

Will SAS go down to test 7-8ish DKK before ultimate bottom to form right shoulder ? I’m not so sure , we might also bottom here at 10DKK , but I would love to see it at 7-8ish – in that case I would be loading up on SAS longs for a long term investment.

So I feel pretty good about SAS if you can hold it for 1 year from here – but very short term not sure if it drops to 7-8ish DKK before making a longer term bottom. Either way , we pretty close – one can buy it here at 10DKK and add more if it drops more.


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