Mar 9

Weekend Outlook for 10th March 2014

Bulls so far got the hand and as we are at new all time highs again , we should keep going higher in the near term.

As long SPX remains above 1850 bulls should keep grinding mkts higher in the coming weeks/months.

1. VIX should expect a low in 12-13 range , but remember VIX can remain low levels for a longer period with mkts slowly grinding higher. This is what I believe , but VIX should find a bottom at 12-13 area.

2. NYSI telling us that markets extreme overbought , so if we break below 1850 it would be bearish for stocks. Until then I would be bullish here.

3. SPX likely to move up to 1950-2000 before we see a top in markets.

4. Gold is due for a pullback very overextended , but overall I remain VERY bullish for precious metals gold/silver

Conclusion: The conclusion is that we should slowly grind higher without much of pullbacks. IF we break below 1850 that would be bearish for mkts again – but for now I would stay bullish as long 1850 holds with potential target of 1950-2000 area next. Until then I keep playing small caps which is usually very hot when mkts at all time highs.


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