Mar 14

Weekend Outlook for 16th March 2015

Here is my view going forward:

1. Gold likely to see short term rally but after 1200$ broke I think we might get a “new” low later this year for a final MULTI YEAR bottom in Gold/Silver.

2. Bear market begun on SPX and US indexes imo – should see a short term low this week and then a rally/rebound coming after.

3. DAX has been on crack lately but we have now clear 5 waves up , so the rally should end very very soon in DAX too , but let it run and wait for it to reverse down (when it does it will be a fast sell off and you would not be in doubt)

4. US dollar likely topping out in this range before a nasty sell off helping Gold to rally short term

5. Natgas looks bullish for a multi month/multi year bottom possible , I’m very bullish natgas here as long support holds.


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