Nov 16

Weekend Outlook for 17th November 2014

Markets had a pretty quiet week , going nearly unchanged all of the week.

However we have seen VIX finding a bid last days and this suggest that markets could be topping out at 2040-2050 level. This is also a spot I think is good chance to see SOME KIND OF PULLBACK.

If i’m right mkts should still be weak early this week , I would like a quick mini flush with VIX spiking higher early this week , but however I think that would be a buy opportunity for longs if we got a quick flush.

The conclusion is that VIX is at support levels , and is due for SOME KIND of bounce before heading lower. VIX is usually weak in november/december so I dont expect that much sell off. Lookin at GDOW it looks however very bearish so who knows what is coming up. DAX also looks like it is not 100% done with its correction.


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