Jan 17

Weekend Outlook for 19th January 2015 – The big bear underway

Since the October 2014 correction as we called I’ve been bullish mkts more or less since then and not betting on any downside.

Time is now right again to be bearish and short markets. SPX and US already looking weak with DAX hitting new all time highs , but dont get fooled to go long DAX here as DAX might also make a blow off bull market top and reverse lower after.

1. Gold already started bull market confirming my view that November 2014 was the lows. Gold will have a brilliant year and is so far doing very well here in January. As markets starts the big bear market Gold will be once again safe haven.

2. Big rally coming in VIX next months , be ready.

3. GDOW telling us to be very bearish mkts and a major sell off underway

4. SPX monthly chart made a bearish MACD cross looks very toppy. 2100 might have been the bull market top on SPX and we might already be starting a bear market in US markets. DAX will follow soon.

5. January usually a very bullish month but so far SPX has performed really bad, suggesting February will get a lot more ugly for markets.

All in all – i turned bearish markets and will stay bearish as long SPX remains below MA50.


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