Apr 27

Weekend Outlook for 28th April 2014

All in all , great week if you was short markets or long Gold/Silver or miners as we saw a sharp and bullish reversal to the upside.

Ok , so here is my main view:

1. I believe EURO will see a massive rally higher in the coming months , this would help precious metals gain a lot in coming months. FOMC this Wednesday….

2. I believe COMPQ topped out and started a long massive correction going into this summer 2014.

3. I’m not sure if SPX topped out or will make a new high , but my main view is that we topped out also on SPX and a large correction has begun.

4. Gold/Silver saw bullish reversals and i’m looking for a massive rally going into summer 2014 with the correction starting and euro flying.

5. VIX looks like it can move into 20-30 in the coming months , for this week I think a test of 18 is likely.

Conclusion: All in all – I remain intermediate BEARISH markets as I think we topped out, statistics says we should drop from now hard into late June which i what I think is in the cards. COMPQ showing a massive top formation and this is another good reason for a massive drop into summer. If markets holding up they will only hold up for 1-2 more weeks before a massive sell off starting again.


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