Jun 8

Weekend Outlook for 9th June 2014

Markets been quite strong lately, the statistics also showed that early June is usually strong.

The next 3 weeks is however where BEARS need to show up , statistics are a lot bearish for the coming 3 weeks as the mid term election roadmap also shows us , June is the month which is 2nd worst for 2014. So if bears will show up they will show up in the coming 3 weeks.

1. VIX is near all time lows , I cant believe VIX will be here for long before it rise again. However i’m surprised that VIX is trading this low and did not expect VIX to go into 10s, but a move up on VIX should be due.

2. Statistics very bearish for the month of June

3. COMPQ still below all time highs , as long we trade below this , we still have a large and very bearish pattern in the making

4. SPX hitting the 1950 spot , could be a reversal mark.

5. Gold should trade higher after making an A,B and finally a C wave up to 1500-1600 should be next. We need to see continued strength in the Gold this coming week.

Conclusion: All in all I believe markets toppish , COMPQ and RUT still below highs and this tells me another sharp sell off is due. SPX near 1950 critical mark and statistics is now very bearish for rest of this month of June. If bears will show up they need to do it this week , if they cant show up I think markets could grind higher most of this year without going down. So bears needs to step in very soon and reverse lower.


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