About SqwiiTrader

Making money in Bull and Bear

Meet the Trader

Sqwii is an excellent Swing trader which really have a good feeling for market and stock patterns. He is solid in his small cap picks and 3x ETFs. He understand the support/resistance zones perfect and often nails them to the penny. He often makes bold contrarian calls and does not take into account what other people tell him , he has his own thesis and is very accurate and often a step ahead of the “popular” trade.

Chris is an ultimate small cap trader and money making machine with his calls in different ETF’s in the stock universe. He is very openly minded and very good to teach other people how to trade, he is the only one I can trust and is not necessary right always – but he is honest if he is wrong and is often more than 80% right in the trades.

He has made more than 6000%+ in the last 2 years.

Total Stock Gains: 6365.15%
Average Stock Gains: 11.07%
Average Annualized Return: 126.93%
Homerun Pick (Highest Stock Gain): 346.05%
Pick Accuracy (Win/Loss Ratio): 64.70%
Last Updated: 01/11/2012 14:59
Total Entries: 601

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Why I got into This

The main reason I began to trade stocks were because I won a monthly stock trading game, where I thought if I could do this, I could too in real life. After all I’ve learned by my mistakes and got better and better with time. Remember that every pro trader out there were an amateur once. The number one goal is to make money everyday both in a bull and bear market.

What drives you

The thing I really love is to help others and share my experience to make money so others won’t make bad mistakes that I have done in the past. What drives me is the good response I get from people which I help making money in the stock markets and also that its possible to make a living by trading in the stock markets.

How to Trade with Sqwii

“Sqwii is what is known as a swing trader.  Swing trading is a style of investing where you trade the swings in the market.

Typically through technical analysis, a trader will trade a stock, ETF, etc. based on a chart pattern or channel that the respective investment vehicle is trading in.
Swing trading is different from day trading.  Swing trading is trying to capture a bigger move.  In order to capture the move the position may be held for several days, weeks, or even months as long as the analysis shows the stock or ETF is still holding the same trend within the channel or chart pattern.
Once the move or majority of the move has been made the swing trader will take off all of the position or start scaling out of the position as the stock or ETF gets close to the target or top of the channel.

The most important thing to remember when trading with Chris is that you have to be comfortable holding through the move he is targeting. There may be multiple ups and downs throughout this move and you need to be able to not panic out of the trade on the down moves if you agree with Chris’s thesis, sometimes you can be underwater for a few days but with enough patience it usually plays out. Remember no one can hit the markets to the exact top and bottom, but as long you get the bigger moves you will end up with a profit.

It is important to not try to day trade off of my calls as I’m looking for a longer term move of the swing trade.  If you are not going to follow Chris’s investment don’t try to use his thesis to trade options. Options can be very much different than trading the common ETF/stock.
It is also extremely important to take profits according to your own risk profile.  Chris will usually hold in order to capture the entire move.  If you are uncomfortable with the up and downs of the trade then take profits when you have them.  There will always be more opportunities.”
Remember it is not Chris making you push the buy/sell button, it is your 100% your own decision – use Chris as a guideline or check to your own DD and remember no one can make 100% winners, so there will always be a looser, but as long you try to minimize the losses and maximize profits it will go well.”


Position Size

If you are new to options trading, remember to keep your position sizes small to begin with. Doing so will allow you to preserve your capital while getting a feel for options trading. Don’t decide you have a “sure thing” and put 50% of your account in an out of the money weekly put hoping to hit it big. You are going to be wrong or the market will go against you at some point.  Make sure you size your positions so that you live to trade another day.

Be Patient

Be patient in your trading.  If you make a trade based on your thesis, give it time to play out.  If you are down a little right away don’t panic and sell.
This goes along well with position size.  If you keep your position sizes under control you will be better able to stay in a trade and not panic.  If you put too large of a portion of your account into one trade you are more apt to sell a possibly winning idea in a moment of panic.

Take Profits

Don’t get greedy.  When you have a nice profit in a trade take it.  Or at least take 1/3 or ½ or 2/3 of the position off because the profits can disappear fast with options.
It never hurts to take a profit.

Never Look Back

This applies to when you sell out of a position.  Murphy’s Law will usually be prescient.  If you sell a position it will go up significantly right after you do.  If you contemplate selling but doesn’t it will proceed to immediately go down.
If you decide to cut losses or take profits and exit a position, do it based on your thesis and the risk/reward left in the trade.
If you are always looking back at a trade after you sell it and think you should’ve held it longer, the next time you have a decision to make you might hold too long.
Just review your thesis and the risk/reward and move on to the next opportunity.”