Oct 18

China bull market to start?

It looks to me like chinese stocks has been in a bear market since Hang Seng topped out 5200 in 2015. Since then we saw a major A;B;C correction in wave 2 – what is important if my theory is correct is that Hang seng can’t break below 2014 bottom which is around 2000.

If i’m correct we saw 5 waves up to a bull market top in 5200 and then a large A;B;C correction in wave 2 (bear market since 2015).

I dont know the reason why we might start a new bull market very soon in China – but I think its time to look at your favourite Chinese stocks as I think they are bargain buys going forward here.

In case Hang seng should break below 2000 this would prove me wrong – until then this is my roadmap.

Find your favourite chinese noodles and start loading up on bargains imo!


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