Sep 26

FaceBook target hit – whats next?

As Facebook today hit my upside target of 50$ I went out to the public telling that I’m now leaning bearish on it and willing to short it here at 50$.

FaceBook has been one fun stock to look into – first its well known and as they went IPO at around 38$ stock then made a big move down from there.

Take a look at the chart , but the conclusion is as we stay here around 50$ I would get the heck out of the stock – even with all banks upgrading it to higher levels – like they did when they downgraded Facebook near the lows…… of course…

Never trust the banks ! They usually try to tell public when to buy , then the banks shorting into the pop and vica versa !

The downside risk in Facebook is much greater than upsde from here , all I can say…


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