Aug 19

GERN – a major move higher underway?

I just noticed the chart of GERN long term and I found it extremely interesting at current levels.

From what I see on this chart it looks like good things are to come for GERN.

Firsto of all we hit a pivot spot 1$ and started a massive rally up to around 7$ which is 7x move , that is a sign of a “strong” move and new impulsive move higher.

After GERN hit 7$ it has been pulling back all the way down to 1-2$ again and recently it started to rally from this level.

To me it looks like GERN might have hit a secondary low at 1.5$ (right shoulder) and about to make a massive move higher in the next 1 year from here.

The text book target is 11$ so for long term hold a strategy could be to buy here at 2$

Put a stop loss long term at 1.5$ – as long we hold above 1.5 I think its safe and will move higher.

Upside is 11$ target which is 5x from current levels.


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