Mar 22

SBUX potential long term short – wait for reversal

I would take a look at SBUX ,, this one has had an IMPRESSIVE run from 7.5$ to 50+$ and could be a major shorting opportunity for the longer term if you want some longer term puts on it.

Right now there is still no signs of selling in SBUX ,, but on the FIRST SIGN of reversal on SBUX ,, I would buy puts on it.

Looking on the weekly chart I would like to see a break below 50$ or 51$ before you go heavy short SBUX ,, but in case SBUX gets below this level ,, I would use it as a selling opportunity for a longer trend decline.

Insiders as you see on the chart have been selling this stock up here massive ,, with huge amounts ,, if they know something we will find out in next weeks/months on SBUX. But what I see is a massive run up in the stock and with only a book value of 6-7$ it is heavy overvalued imo up here.

Market cap is a whopping 40.5 Billion which is 3x times their sales and revenue.

All in all ,, chart says it might have run its course ,, but wait for a nice reversal on SBUX before loading puts ,, but keep a heavy eye on it imo.

We saw all what happended to GMCR ,, from 115$to 35$ ,, SBUX could do pretty much the same % wise.


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