Consistency & accuracy
What sets him apart from your other “guru” traders is he won’t go missing in action or become unresponsive when his calls go against him, which by the way rarely happens anyways. For me this is the most critical time when trades go agaist you that you most need a guru’s feedback. Most importantly bull or bear market he can bring his top game. A lot of gurus out there only performs during bull market and hibernate like a bear on red days. Most importantly he’s transparent on his trades twitting when he bought, sold and what price – easy to follow.

He does a simple to understand yet thorough market thesis on his blog that is always timely and actionable before market opens to help you filter out the noise. Stands by his thesis with resilient conviction even though trade may seem to go against him initially for a couple days he usually ends on top of the trade. The most ballsy contrarian trader indeed going against the crowd most times.

I highly respect what he does and he’s definitely the best out there. Does it with integrity too and not simply “pumping” for self vested interests. You will learn a lot specially those tricky to time bull bear leveraged ETFs.

Consistency & accuracy is what truly gets your portfolio moving up instead of the up 200% pump jobs, tank the next day from other so called gurus.

For now I can only follow twits and blogposts as I have a full time job but eventually plan on joining his great team once I’ve raised enough capital to go full time trading & investing. Very high success rate following Sqwii!


@Sqwii is a solid trader who understands how markets ebb and flow between support and resistance and the psychology that comes along with it. Makes bold contrarian calls which might be ballsy to some but they make a lot of sense to me. Pleasant fellow to talk to and always seems one step ahead of the ‘popular’ trade.

Must follow on twitter in my book.



Amazing small caps and Chart Trader. Money making Machine

I follow this Guy on Twitter and his site is a must read every morning for me.

An easy going person, really kind, educated and very open on his trades help me to make some decent money in a couple of months.

Im a new into trade, so, his help was ver important to hit hard few trades. Now he have a pay service and Im one of the first to jump in

Follow Him and you will learn a lot about EFTs, like TNA, TZA and some others


Excellent technical chart analyst!

Sqwii is a great trader! The blog and tweets Sqwii posts turned my eyes to the broader market actions. He trades a range of stocks from under $5 to Large cap and leveraged ETF’s. His swing and day trades are very transparent. He is one of the first to be calling reversals in my book. Reads the chart as it is, very controlled and well rounded trader. Keep up the good work!..


Trader with ice cold veins and infinite patience.

Have been using advisory services from many sources, but Sqwii is very different. Uses Patterns, sentiments, elliottwaves, Volatility, all mixed together. I now use Sqwii as central part of my trading decision. I mix it with other sources and make a decision.

The downside is that he is at times early for the trade. Sometimes too early. But has the veins to sit through the pain and see his position profit. At times I had to follow my discipline and take a loss. Later had to just watch Sqwii sit through deeper pain and come out in profit, While I remain underwater.

But overall I have profited following his calls. My account is at a larger size after following him and the knowledge gained is more valuable in future.


Number One! Magnificent!

I would like to contribute to your column.

HALF does not know the other HALF has made by joining Sqwii path but is still not too late if you would like to find out and make$$.

To be honest, I’m fairly new to the trading world. I think I was lucky enough it was purely coincidence that I found Sqwii site and one other but I have confirmed following Sqwii. So has been following Sqwii tweets and consistant reading his market analysis update for the past two months. His direction bulls or bears market are amazing. I’m impressed! Also his picks on small cap stocks are awesome. But nevertheless, I admit, I did not properly trade. My biggest mistake was: never took profit, never bought in portion and married with all my stocks. (It’s sad to say my account underwater a lot. I hope you never had the same mistake I made).
With my average ability and zero experience. I have recently signed up to follow Sqwii at nwatrading.com for this past two weeks. Believe it or not in just short period of time it has already bring my account back to life-I mean: still underwater but start seeing good result/gain profit.

Sqwii has an excellent ability to read the markets and give you well-prepared either for day trade or swing trade, when to buy, when to sell, and alert target in place just in case..(we all are only human being noone is perfect) but I am able to write he is more right then wrong with his moves!
It feels so grateful to have a real pro with his willing hands to help you out.

All in all his Talent, Knowledge, Honest, Confidence, Consistent & Helpful.
He has exceeded expectations!!

I personally could not ask for anything more. I have confident by given time and patience we can expect positive growth.

“Believe in the leader you follow” & “Pay Attention”.

p/s The chat room is a great tool where member’s give and exchange opinions. Everyone works
as a team.


Sqwii is very simply a prodigy.

I have followed Sqwii for a week now, and I performed due diligence on his calls, followed them and made a respectable amount of profit immediately. His charting is clear and quite useful for a novice or intermediate trader. I like how he is respectful and responds in a friendly manner to all inquires via Twitter. Its very rare that you meet someone who so kindly broadcasts such useful calls for people who are trying to learn to swing trade effectively. He really understands market dynamics so well as to provide very timely information. This is a person who knows what the hell he is doing at his profession. Thanks very much for your kind assistance Sqwii – You are clearly a Natural !! Best regards


Market direction calls are spot on

I don’t daytrade with him but when he says the market will take a dive, I listen. His calls are right on.


Swami of the Swing Trade

Sqwii Trader is a Leveraged ETF/ETN Swing Trading Swami!! His latest calls on TVIX and TZA are playing out masterfully! I was lucky enough to cross his path on Twitter and smart enough to follow his blog. I’m sitting in profits in both positions, making money while the traders around me are bleeding cash with their long positions! Nice work Sqwii Trader!$$$