Jan 11

Weekend Outlook for 12th January 2015

Markets bounced very strong after seeing a quick sell off early January.

I believe most likely in the near term we are going to see new all time highs in a possible blow off move. So in the next week or 2 I remain bullish , but we are soon getting close to end of this bull move since October lows 2014 and this is why I’m slowly starting to get cautious markets again , but want a new all time high first.

Gold about to break downtrend from 2012 leads me to believe that a gold bull market might have started at the November lows 2014.

Overall I believe coming months will be nasty for markets as GDOW chart tells me , we might see a very large sell off , but as I stated before I would like an euphoria move up to new all time highs first on SPX. With ECB and Greek elections coming up later this month , it will be interesting for sure.


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