Aug 20

Weekend outlook for 20th August 2012

Greetings everyone from Cyprus. As Im on vacation and back again Thursday I wont be able to make in depth analysis with charts and so on. But Ive looked the markets and here is some short things Im seeing.

1. VIX is again at extreme low levels, not seen in past many years. VIX hitting a trendline from the past lows over the last 5 years and I dont believe we will see VIX much lower from here, therefor markets will most likely not go much higher than here.

2. TLT has been going down and therefore markets has been increasing higher. What I see is that TLT is near some very big support which should hold and therefore I dont think markets will go much higher, actually I dont think we will break above 1422 , but let the market speak for themselves as we are pretty close to 1422 now.

3. I stay short still as VXX and UVXY has held very nice with markets going up , so right now I plan just to hold the shorts tight, but I may stop out if we see UVXY below 4.95


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