Nov 23

Weekend outlook for 24th November 2014

Markets is still very quiet and boring and we should expect this to continue into 2015.

1. I dont believe VIX will see any large gains before 2015 – mkts likely to to remain strong and with small few pullbacks

2. SPX is likely to hold up strong , with low volume and a steady trend higher. I wont rule out we see 2100 and maybe 2200 in the coming months. Mkts still extreme overbougth and a short term pullback is due sooner or later.

3. This is thanksgiving week and usually we rally higher near holidays.

4. Gold is likely to have made 5 waves down from 2011 top. Everyone is still bearish gold and I think and im still bullish , with Swiss vote coming up 30th November might trigger another big rally higher. 1400-1500 target in the coming months into early 2015.

5. Natural gas likely cheap now and as we move closer to winter Im expecting natural gas to explode higher.

6. Oil prices should have found a bottom and with OPEC week this coming week we might see a relief rally higher in oil prices. Smart guys COT report shows they are bullish oil too.


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