Jun 28

Weekend Outlook for 29th June 2015 – Commodities to outperform equities

As previously mentioned this year I think we are going to see commodities start to outperform stock markets. As stock markets is in a topping process for the first 6 months of 2015 I expect very soon that we are going to see a more suistained sell off as we havent seen yet.

It has been very boring and choppy first 6 months on SPX and not much movement at all , but looks like some kind of distribution phase before a larger sell off.

A break below 2070 would be very bearish going forward and accelerate sell off.

1. Gold/Silver are expected to bottom here in July , so I want a large flush on Gold/Silver going into July to make a final low before new bull starts as the bear in stocks will begin too.

2. DAX still looks topped out at 12.300s and could go down to at least 10.000 and possible lower here in Q3 2015

3. Im extreme bullish on natgas from here – a break above 3$ will start a major rally and 2.5 Is where I believe natgas prices bottomed out. We should move up from current levels here in the coming months/years.

4. Copper bottomed in February 2015 and will soon start antoher advance higher as commodities will boom and outperform stocks

5. SPX likely to break below 2070 in the next weeks ahead and this would start a -20% sell off from the top

Good luck trading everyone


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