Dec 14

Weekend Outlook updated for 15th December 2014

Markets had one of the hardest sell off in past many weeks.

Will this December be a month to remember? Again we have a wildcard with Greek elections coming up and if i’m right Syrizia are going to win which the markets most likely wont like.

So this is one of the reasons why markets might still keep going down.

Furthermore the Yen looks bottomed out and this makes me worried in the LONG RUN of the bull market. A weak Yen has helped the markets going higher , and with Yen looking like maybe have made a long term bottom – it looks like markets will have some trouble going forward in 2015.

Gold looks also like have formed 5 waves down and bottomed at 1130s , since then we had a rally to 1240 and if we can break 1240-1250 we will have a major breakout to the upside , so it is possible we see strong Gold/Silver and weak markets going forward.

Oil has been crashing latley however I think the dip in oil is a buy , if i’m right we should see a sharp V rebound in oil again soon , but it seems like the panic is still not done.

All in all the seasonality gets VERY strong for markets starting after 16th December and into year end , so the question is – will this be a Decemeber to remember where markets selling off hard even with strong seasonalities ? Or will the seasonality once again rule and we get a christmas rally? Furthermore SPX right now looks a bit like 2007 top as charted.


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